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Gocek Hotels

The contribution of the Gocek Hotels to the turism

Gocek is the first choice of many tourists with its secluded gulf and natural harbor. That's why Gocek contributes to the yacht tourism with a great intensity. At first, Gocek was a quiet and calm but then the area has become more and more popular for yacht tourism with its secluded gulfs and islands. Gocek is a tourist-haunted city as the starting and the finish point of the tour called "mavi tur". It is also haunted by the sailors. Also, the residents of Gocek are in contribution with yachting. The Yacht races that are being held by Gocek Yachting Club are increasing the interest of the tourists. Gocek hotels are offering these pleasant opportunities and hosting this modern culture with its natural structure. By courtesy of the Gocek Hotels, holidaymakers are not only being able to enjoy the sea, but also they can have a quite and calming dream vacation at the natural glufs and marines of Gocek.

The contributions of the tourists hosting yacht

The contributions of the tourists hosting yacht tourism in Gocek are much more than those who does land tourism. When the expenditures they make are taken into consideration, some big differences emerge. This situation is very effective on the investors' orientation towards the marines. As an important fundamental of the income, the number of marines are increasing gradually that both the native and foreign tourists benefit from the infinite opportunities who have the advantage of anchoring their yachts.

Locations of the Gocek Hotels

As one the most special places, the natural beauty of Gocek has been taken under protection. Gocek at first was a village, but then after many references, the area was launched to a city, protecting the values and keeping the corruption and damage to the texture at minimum by taking severe precautions. People are taking the advantage of any kind of accommodation opportunity at the Gocek Hotels. It's forbidden and protected by law that one cannot built multiple storey structures. For that matter, the Gocek Hotels are built in a way that keeps that natural texture and no tacky elements that cause disturbance. Gocek Hotels are situated at the very essential spots of that nature. Gocek Hotels go further, to take you closer.

Montly Occupancy Rates at the Gocek Hotels

The demand for the magnificent sea at the tones of turquoise, to the atmosphere crossing with the history, the natural pools, and to the clean and warm water rises day by day. Stabilized population is around five thousand and this keeps the city interesting during four seasons. The activity rises during April. Around May and June it gets really hard to find a place to check in at the Gocek Hotels. This occupancy remains until October and eventually decreases during winter. Boutique Hotels Gocek As one of the fundamentals of today's holiday vision, the number of Boutique Hotels in Gocek is increasing rapidly. Supplying any sorts of need to its customers and combining the nature with luxury, Boutique Hotels in Gocek are in brisk demand.

The capacity at Gocek Hotels

Apart Hotels are the first choice of the Holidaymakers among hotels, boutique hotels, and apart ones in Gocek. From villas to hostels that refers to any level of budget are being run by the residents of Gocek. However, after the huge steps of investments, larger companies have joined to this market. Rooms are around 10 - 30 per hotel where the extensive premises are not allowed to build.

The Sea and The Bays of Gocek Hotels

The number of the hotels in Gocek is increasing because of the intense demand of both the foreigner and local tourists under the impression of the fame of the natural bays in Gocek. Many kinds of structures are there for the ones who want to spend the insatiate day at the natural bays. Tours are being held from the pier to the bays and holidaymakers are enjoying the splendid sea of Gocek with trips for the day. Hotels of göce kare at service to the ones who cannot get enough of the bay Sarsala, Taşkaya (known as "Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu).

Gocek Hotels and the historical texture

Gocek is the localization area called "Lycia" in between the two ancient cities: Kaunos (Dalyan) and Telmesos (Fethiye). The name at that time was "Daidala". The ancient structures formed by the moles have been analyzed and as it turns out the city was rooted on the village of "Kalimche". Becase of the absence of data, the exact location of Kalimche was unable to locate and the beauty is yet to be revealed. Despite that, it is possible to explore the stone tombs and Hamams around the area. Tours for the day are being shuttled for those who want to feel the historical texture of the island "Tersane" (shipyard). Göcek hotels are welcoming their visitors with a great hospitality well situated among these beauties. The mystery of the past in Göcek is batting you at all times underneath yours steps

The Activities and Entertainment in Gocek Hotels

Despite of the Historical Structure, holidaymakers can join the Blue Tour, go biking, fishing, go surfing, enjoy 24 hour open bar, join the tour of moonlight at night, pass out with the rhythm of the pop music to the "fasıl", finish the night either enjoying it with a cool beverage at the café-bar restaurants or stay calm and quiet at the dynamic atmosphere of the Gocek Hotels.

Taste offerings of the Gocek Hotels

Gocek which is the crossing of the Ege and Mediterranean has been presenting one of the richest varieties of tastes in Turkey. You may taste any kind of fish with any kind of light and different styles of cooking, meet the tastes squirting from the hands of the locals, and choose among the crisp and the delight or any other options of taste, load up both your eyes and your souls with a perfect view at the restaurants of the Gocek hotels.

The Architectural Design at The Gocek Hotels

Gocek hotels are mostly built with two stories high, where is rare to come across tall and huge buildings and the resistance against stoning of the nature. In the last few years' boutique hotels and the luxurious hotels joined among the many options of accommodation such as hotels, the apart and hostels. Any sort of comfort is being serviced at the Gocek hotels.

The investments of the hotels in Gocek towards the future

Fresh investments are being made in orientation to meet the needs of the modern age at the Gocek hotels. Many project has been launched as well as the Hostels that are run by the local residents of Gocek. The Gocek hotels are crossing our paths in order to meet the new needs of the growing demand with many choices from boutique hotels to luxurious Hotels at service 24/7. With Gocek being the one of the most important yacht centers, investors are oriented towards many areas from constructions of marines to the modernizations of the Gocek hotels. The village of yesterday, Gocek, is now being considered as a gold mine to the investors.

Sightseeing Places Around The Gocek Hotels

The Gocek hotels has a worldwide known fame with its green pine forests that emerges to the blue of the sea. With the tours for the day, you may meet with many islands, and witness the legendary beauties of the bays of Gocek. Yo may also swim between the two proximate islands, add elegance o your beauty in the bath of Cleopatra, journey cak to the past by taking a long walk in to the deeps of the island "Tersane", and take a stop at one of the famous restaurants.