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Lycian Way

At the present day, the route which comes all the way from Fethiye and ends in Antalya and covers all the paths in Teke Peninsula is historically called ‘The Lycian Way’. This route is brought in the culture tourism in 1999 by trekker and author Kate Clow.

Several written sources consider The Lycian Way as one of the ten best long distance trekking paths of the world. This approximately 500 km long route is ascertained to last about a month on foot without stopping. Along The Lycian Way there are ruins of some 19 archaic Lycian cities, residential areas and accomodation facilities. The whole path is marked for trekkies.

The Lycian Way is also the first long distance trekking path of Turkey. This course offers unique beauties for both local and foreign trekkies. The best periods of time to cover this route are the first months of spring and autumn. Short courses take 4-5 hours and the long ones take 8-10 hours on foot. The Lycian Way is a route which lies along the coastline.

For curious tourists keeping an eye on the mysterious sides of nature and history, untouched coves, villages on mountains and plains, little and big boarding houses are additional joys to the travel along The Lycian Way. Besides these, The Lycian Way offers unique landscapes for nature photographers.

Some of the archaic cities along The Lycian Way are; Antiphellos, Sdyma, Letoon, Limyra, Simena, Xanthos, Patara, Apollonia, Chimera, Myra, Olympos and Phaselis.

The Lycian Way lies like a fabulous route in front of nature and history-lover trekkies.