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Auditorium - Meeting Room

Auditorium is gaining a different meaning by Yacht Boutique Hotel's professional approach; which is taking an important part of business life, meet new business partners, provide new decisions. Yacht Boutique Hotel's Auditorium is located close to the Fethiye town center for 5 minutes by presenting you an alternative work environment with a pleasant and peaceful enviroment to develop business relationships.

You can prefer Yacht Boutique Hotel's Auditorium for dealer meetings, new product introductions, the term workshops, training seminars and private meetings and  evaluate the possibilities for meal and accommodation. Also you can see the special options at the activity part of our website.

Yacht Boutique Hotel's, specially decorated Auditorium for 100 persons that provides you all the technical equipment, , an auditorium with dinner for 70 person, a high-end home theater system, a music group and sound isolation comes to life in a professional and comfortable atmosphere.

PS: There is no incremental cost of Auditorium within your meetings with dinner and accommodation.